“Relationships are full of heartbreak”

“Relationships are full of heartbreak” she whispered. Even though she is clearly intoxicated and can barely stand, her unexpectedly wise words resonate with me. I can’t get them out of my head.

I thought people entered relationships to avoid heartbreak???? In my very early twenties I told myself that relationships were for the weak. They were for the insecure ones that couldn’t stand the thought of being alone. I was SINGLE AND STRONG and I didn’t have much relationship expierence then. So, I naturally assumed that relationships were a safe haven; a place devoid of hurt and heartbreak.

Will I ever find someone that loves me unconditionally for who I am? I doubt it. I think the only people that will ever truly love me unconditionally are my parents and sister.

The love we expierence in relationships is usually a selfish kind of love.

Have you ever loved a romantic partner unconditionally? Or do you love the role they play in your life and the emotional and physical things they offer you?


2014: the year of the lolly pop


My main resolution this year is to blog. For real. The last 6 months have been a whirlwind.

Goals for 2014

1. Learn how to drive. Yes, I am 23 years old and I still don’t know how to drive. 

2. Go on brithright. 

3. Move out! 

4. Learn Hebrew.  

5. Find a boyfriend that isn’t a narcissistic asshole.

6. Run a 50 mile race and run a 3:35 marathon.

My progress:

1. KINDA ACCOMPLISHED. I took the written test to obtain my permit. I can say with some certainty that I can functionally drive a car. I have even driven on the highway. I have yet to take driving exam though. However, I am closer to accomplishing this goal that I have ever been before. 

2. ACCOMPLISHED! I returned from birthright yesterday! It was amazing! Definitely a wonderful growing experience. I am in love with Israel. Parts were difficult, but I am very glad I was brave enough to sign up (I didn’t know a soul on the trip and was worried about making friends). Luckily, I found two girls on the trip that made the whole thing an absolute blast. 

3. ALMOST ACCOMPLISHED! I am moving out of my parent’s house in two short weeks!                          

4. NEEDS ALOT OF WORK! I am trying to find Hebrew classes or a Hebrew tutor, but I am super motivated to learn. 

5. ITS COMPLICATED…enough said. I’ll dive into more detail in future posts. 

6. HALFWAY THERE? I plan to run a 50 mile race in May. And I am signed up for two marathons in March. I’ve lost a lot of fitness, as I wasn’t able to run while I was in Israel. Additionally, I’ve been experiencing some strain/injury in my right leg. 

I am currently on my way to Vermont. And its snowing in the amtrak train! That is something you don’t see everyday…

Its snowing on the amtrak train!

Its snowing on the amtrak train!

Happy New Year! What are your goals?