A weekend at the races!

Whoa. This weekend was a lot of fun.

It all started saturday night. I watched Center Stage on Netflix. That movie is wonderful. From the bad acting to the amazing dancing to the hot guy who worships the annoying girl, Center Stage has it all. It even has SANDY COHEN from the OC! Sandy Cohen is my absoute favorite TV Dad!

Anyway, on Saturday morning I woke up bright and early to make my way down to the Philadelphia art museum for the 3rd annual Back On My Feet 5 Miler. Going to a race completely alone was a new experience. I usually have a “bag bitch”. Now that I no longer live with my parents, they no longer do this duty for me. It was windy and rainy. I planned to use the BOMF 5 mile race to gauge how fast I could run 5 miles. You see, I am also doing the Narberth Cystic Fibrosis run the last weekend in April. It is a 5 mile race that holds a special place in my heart. That is my goal 5 mile race.

My goal for the BOMF 5 miler was to suffer the whole time. I don’t think I really completed this goal. Although I suffered, I could have suffered more, ya know? I just felt off the whole time. By mile 4 I was getting into my groove. I just have no idea how to run shorter races (I guess running 10 marathons will do that to you). Ideally, I would love to get better at shorter races. I need to become more comfortable with experiencing EXTREME discomfort.

I finished the BOMF 5 mile race in 34:45. According to the results web site, that is a 6:57 pace.

I was aiming to finish in 34 minutes. Hopefully I will be able to get my time down to 34 minutes in less than a month for the Narberth run!

On Sunday, the next day, I got up early for more running! I ran THE LOVE RUN! My dad was nice enough to pick me up at my apartment and drive me to the starting line (I guess I need to take back everything I said about not having a bag bitch anymore). Seriously, I am so lucky. He got up earlier than I did! It was raining from miles 1-4 . I enjoyed a respite from the rain from miles 5-8. Then the downpour began at mile 9. I was miserable, yet so happy because I knew I was going to PR. My sneakers and running clothes were heavy with rainwater, but I crossed the finish line with a manic smile on my face. My time was 1:40:47!

Then I hit the hay early for some sleep, or picture posing….


Overall, it was an amazing weekend, but I am really looking forward to being able to stay out late this coming weeking. And then being able to sleep in! And then going to brunch at some new to me Philadelphia brunch spots! Any suggestions? Please don’t say Sabrina’s…I am so over that place. Don’t worry, I still plan to name my first born Sabrina!

Until next time,



Return to Nantucket

We ventured back to the magical island of Nantucket. And found that the island still possessed the same charm and mystery.

The ferry ride was beautiful…

Upon arriving we made a mad dash for the Juice Bar

I ordered cookie dough ice cream in a waffle cone. My sister Jay was more adventurous and ordered chocolate chip peanut butter cookie dough. Yes it really is a flavor. I don’t remember much about Jay’s, except that Reese’s Pieces were lodged in the creamy goodness.

Clam Chowder was enjoyed later that evening…

And plenty of visits to the beach occurred…

I took my first Zumba class while in Nantucket at The Studio. I somehow managed to convince my sister to accompany me. To sum up the experience. I will leave you with some of Jay’s words: “That was the most fun I’ve had all vacation”. Our teacher Kate was super friendly, encouraging, and a wonderfully talented dancer. It was such a unique class, with only six attendees total. One male and five females. The dance room was small. We danced to a mix of current hits, oldies, and salsa. My favorite song was the Cotton Eyed Joe (it brought back tons of great memories!). I would deff do Zumba again, here in Chicago.

We stayed at the lovely Union Street Inn

A very quaint Inn where they have free snacks in the kitchen from 3pm-5pm.

In one store on the Island I saw a T-shirt that said:



Until next time Nantucket….Luv,