S’mores are my favorite part of fall. I know most people associate s’mores with summer, but I like s’mores in the fall. Pumpkin makes me want to gag, its too mush for me. Unless you are talking about Trader Joe’s pumpkin ice cream, because that stuff is wonderful! I am not sure if they still make it, I haven’t bought anything from Trader Joe’s since my neighborhood was blessed with a Whole Foods.

Whole Foods is like a food amusement park for your eyes and taste-buds.


Movvve over Adora.

Adora chocolates are out, and Citracal gummies are in! Contrary to Adora’s chalk-like chocolates, these gummies are delicious. They have a dreamy-creamy consistency. Yum.

Each gummy has 15 calories. The serving size is two gummies. Some days I have three. Living large here. I just love calcium.

The Cape – Breakfasts

This summer, in late July, we went to Chatham, Cape Code & Martha’s Vineyard. In Chatham we stayed at the Chatham Bars Inn. In Martha’s Vineyard we roomed at The Charlotte Inn. It was my first time on the Vineyard. Apparently Lady Gaga just bought a house there! Meg Ryan is so outraged by all the noise, people, and press that Lady Gaga will bring to the Vineyard that she put her house on the market. All this gossip was told to me by a yoga instructor, haha. I didn’t take many pictures unfortunately.

Above is some dry toast.

And an omelette…